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General Rules (How not to get kicked)

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General Rules (How not to get kicked) Empty General Rules (How not to get kicked)

Post by _The Professional (Owner) on Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:42 pm

1) All members within the LSPD must set the crew as active General Rules (How not to get kicked) Set_as_active.

exceptions: You are exempt from this rule if you are within the same network as the LSPD or an ally to the LSPD (for more information click HERE)

2) You must not conspire against the LSPD, damage the LSPD, or any of its members in such ways that involve killing them, annoying them or spreading lies about them.

That is all, follow these two rules and you should not be kicked from the crew.
_The Professional (Owner)
_The Professional (Owner)

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